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LINE-X Premium is an upgrade from Standard LINE-X.

LINE-X Premium benefits include:  Resists fading (provides protection from UV light from the sun), holds its gloss, increased chemical and stain resistance, increased durability, easier to clean, waterproof, and is durable enough for a truck bed.  Any color is available and we can even add metallic flakes for that "WOW factor!  LINE-X Premium is by far our most popular customer truck bedliner choice.


Our competition is totally confused!

Our competition's standard bedliner will fade and lose it's gloss fairly quickly because it's not UV protected.  They don't automatically tell you that when you call them, do they?  With LINE-X Premium, you'll get a BEAUTIFUL bedliner that will look and perform great for YEARS, is maintenance free, includes the LINE-X limited lifetime warranty, and black Premium is only an additional $99!  LINE-X Premium is a BIG-BIG problem for our competition!


"Premium sounds great, but I need the toughest bedliner you have."

Premium is plenty tough and is adequate for most bedliner applications.  But, OK, you need an industrial strength bedliner?  Take a look at LINE-X Platinum.

LINE-X Premium is perfect for truck beds or vehicle exterior applications.

LINE-X exterior

LINE-X Premium

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